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YIA oral and poster prize

The European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS) invites the submission of abstracts on original work for consideration for an Oral Presentation Prize and a Poster Presentation Prize to encourage investigators (age <35 years).

Oral presentation awards

The first prize will be awarded to one individual judged as being the best oral presentation in the young investigator prize session. 

The awardee will be granted the possibility to present his/her work at next the Wound Healing Society meeting.

A maximum of two more prizes of 500 Euro will be awarded to young investigators ranked 2nd and 3rd in the oral presentation competition.

  • Such awards shall be available to all young investigators submitting abstracts if they chose to enter the compeition.
  • Should an abstract be selected from an individual who is not a member of the ETRS then the membership fee for 1 year will be deducted from the prize.
  • A balance between basic and clinical topics should be aimed for.


Poster presentation awards

A maximum of 3 prizes of 200 Euro will be awarded to the best posters presented at the meeting.



22nd May

Entry for ETRS Young Investigator Prize closes

22nd May -15th June

Abstracts reviewed (ETRS Board).

15th June   

General decision on applicants’ acceptance to the meeting,

decision on who will compete for the YIA Oral prize and who gets the ETRS travel bursaries.

15th June

Early Bird