Program: September 11-13, 2019

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Tissue regeneration -

"From basic science to clinical translation"

DAY ONE - 11.09.2019


ETRS Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 - ”From basic science to clinical translation”

11-13-September 2019

Isarforum am Deutschen Museum, Ludwigsbrücke, München

08:30-10:30 ETRS business meeting (Board only)

10:00-11.00   Registration

11:00-11:20   Welcome notes

11:00-11:10     -     Opening  Yuval Rinkevich - Welcome speech

11:10-11:20     -     Phil Stephens - Welcome note from President of ETRS

11:20-12:20   Keynote speech 

Irving  Weissman: “Normal and neoplastic stem cells”

12:20-13:20   Plenary Session 1 - "Stem cells and regeneration"

Chair: Yuval Rinkevich

12:20-12:40     -     Heiko Lickert:

“Beta cell development, heterogeneity and regeneration”

12:40-13:00     -     Benjamin Dekel:

 “Tissue progenitors for renal repairs”

13:00-13:20     -     Sara Wickstroem:

“Regulation of stem cell fate by niche-derived signals and forces”

13:20-14:20   Lunch break

14:20-15:30   Plenary session 2 - "Wound healing and regeneration"

Chair: Christina scheel

14:20-14:40     -       Yaron Fuchs:       

“A Novel Stem Cell Population that Contributes to Skin Homeostasis and Repair”

14:40-15:00     -      Christina Scheel:

“To undergo EMT or not - cell fate decisions at the chromatin level in mammary epithelial cells”

15:00-15:10     -     Willeke Daamen

“A salt-based method to modulate mechanical properties of collagen scaffolds”

15:10-15:20     -     L. Trevor

“Modulation of the migration, proliferation and metabolism of dermal fibroblasts from irradiated breast skin by pre-adipocytes: applications for wound healing”

15:20-15:30     -     T. Plym Forshell

“Determining the effects of blood exposure on mesenchymal stromal cell immunomodulation”

15:30-15:40     -     P. Rouselle

"Syndecan-1 drives laminin 322-induced MMP-9 activation in response to injury in epithelial podosomes"

15:40-16:10   Tea/Coffee Break

16:10-18:00   Plenary Session 3 - Young Investigator Award

Chair:Phil Stephens and Ursula Mirastschijski

16:10-16:20     -     Ronen Schuster

“Dissecting Fibroblast-Macrophage Communication in the Fibrotic Niche”

16:20-16:30     -     Johnny Luo

“Fibrosis-associated Wilms Tumor 1 isoforms promote IL10 expression in palmar fascia myofibroblasts”

16:30-16:40     -     Amelie Reigl

“NO-GC in pericytes as modulator of skin fibrosis”

16:40-16:50     -     Sebastian P. Nischwitz

“Smart dressings – beyond the ideal”

16:50-17:00     -     Maaike Waasdorp

“The wound healing potential of saliva: assessing its therapeutic potential using in vitro wound healing models”

17:00-17:10     -     Nuria Oliva Jorge

“Bioinspired Nanomaterials for Cell-Selective Activation of Growth Factors to Promote Healing”

17:10-17:20     -     Michael Gerckens

“Rebuilding new lungs: studying homing of progenitor lung cell types into their native niche of decellularized ex vivo human lung slices by 4D live-cell light-sheet microscopy”

17:20-17:30     -     Donovan Correa-Gallegos

“Subcutaneous fascia is a cell repository  for scars”  

17:30-17:40     -     Ivan Jozic

“Upregulation of Caveolin-1 inhibits wound re-epithelialization and promotes bacterial colonization of aged human skin”

“Winner YIA”

17:40-17:50     -     Yasser Almadani

“Targeting Cd109 In Dupuytren's Disease”

"Winner YIA"

17:50-20:00   Poster presentations and welcome reception

DAY TWO - 12.09.2019


ETRS Annual Scientific Meeting 2019:”From basic science to clinical translation”

11-13-September 2019

Isarforum am Deutschen Museum, Ludwigsbrücke, München

07:30–08:30   Registration

08:30-10:55   Plenary Session 4 – “Tissue and organ fibrosis I”

Chair: Boris Hinz

08:30-09:15   Keynote speech 

Peter Friedl: “ Tissue-engineered models for stromal remodeling and anti-cancer therapy​ ”

09:15-09:35     -     Boris Hinz   

“The Magic between Myofibroblasts and Macrophages” 

09:35-09:55     -     Geoffrey C. Gurtner

“Mechanical Forces in Wound Healing”

09:55-10:15     -     Herbert Schiller

 "Fate trajectory modeling during tissue regeneration and fibrogenesis"  

10:15-10:35     -     Karin Scharffetter-Kochanek      

“Mesenchymal stem cells - sensing and shaping the neighborhood in Tissue Repair”.

10:35-10:55      -     Jeremy Duffield:

“New perspectives on fibrosis: Learning from human genetics and clinical trial results”

10:55-11:25   Tea/Coffee break

11:25-12:35   Plenary Session 4 – “Tissue and organ fibrosis II”

Chair: Boris Hinz

11:25-11:45     -     Rafael Kramann:

“Cellular origin and regulation in kidney fibrosis”

11:45-12:05     -     Dieter Groneberg

“Role of NO-sensitive guanylyl cyclase during CCl4-induced liver fibrosis”

12:05-12:15     -     Tanya Shaw

“The wound healing implications of the distinct tissue architecture of
neural crest-derived facial dermis”

12:15-12:25     -     Emanuel Rognoni

“Dissecting the dermal fibroblast lineage identity and plasticity in environmental
stress and disease”

12:25-12:35     -     Adrian Fischer

“Post-surgical adhesions are caused by membrane bridges and fusions
between mesothelial surfaces”

12:40-13:40   Plenary session 5 – “Imaging / 3D Technology”

Chair: Vasilis Ntziachristos

12:40-13:00     -     Simon Christ

“Two succeeding fibroblastic lineages drive dermal development and the
transition from regeneration to scarring”

13:00-13:20     -     Vasilis Ntziachristos:

"The revolutionary visualization of tissue repair with spectral
optoacoustic imaging"

13:20-13:40     -    Peter Horvath:

“Life beyond the pixels: image analysis and machine learning for
2 and 3D single-cell analysis”   


13:40-15:10   Lunch break - ETRS general assembly

15:10-16:30  Plenary session 6 – “Fibroblast diversity”

Chair: Neil Henderson

15:10-15:30     -     Neil Henderson:      

“Using single cell RNA sequencing to investigate mechanisms of
liver fibrosis and repair.”

15:30-15:50     -     Ryan Driskell:

” Lef1 expression in fibroblasts induces skin to be regenerative.”  

15:50-16:00     -     Carlotta Scarpa

“A new Biological ADM and periprostehtic capsule”

16:00-16:10     -     Andrew Leask

“CCN1 expression by fibroblasts has a role in bleomycin induced
skin fibrosis and is a potential target for anti-fibrotic therapy in scleroderma”

16:10-16:40   Tea/Coffee break

16:40-18:25  Plenary Session  7- "Models for regeneration"

Chair: Phil Stephens

16:40-17:00     -     Gilbert Weidinger:

"Mechanisms of bone regeneration in zebrafish"

17:00-17:20     -     Rubén A. Ferrer

" Role of DPP4 in cutaneous scarring vs. regeneration with hair follicle neogenesis "

17:20-17:40     -     Jovica Ninkovich:

"Regeneration in the central nervous system-learning from zebrafish" 

17:40-18:00     -     Phil Stephens

“Oral progenitor cells: the ideal cells for tissue repair?”

18:00-18:20     -     Sabine Eming

“Controlling cellular communication and cell plasticity in tissue repair”

18:20-18:40     -     Allison Cowin

“Multipotent adult progenitor cells improve healing of
mouse burn wounds”

18:40-19:00     -     Thomas Conlon

“Regeneration of airway epithelial cells regulated by
arginine methylation”

19:00-19:30   Tea/Coffee break

19:30-20:30  Keynote Session 

Charles Lapière Memorial lecture:

Paul Martin

21:00-01:00   Networking Party

DAY THREE - 13.09.2019


ETRS Annual Scientific Meeting 2019:”From basic science to clinical translation”

11-13-September 2019

Isarforum am Deutschen Museum, Ludwigsbrücke, München

07:30-08:30   Registration

08:30-10:20   Plenary Session 8 – “Wound healing and inflammation  I”

Chair: Ulrich auf dem Keller

08:30-08:50     -     Sabine Werner:

“Control of skin inflammation and repair by environmental cues”

08:50-09:10     -     Phillip Neumann:

 “Wounds that do not heal: The role of Annexin A1 in intestinal wound healing and

fibrosis formation in inflammatory bowel disease”

09:10-09:20     -     Lindsay Davies

“Dysregulation of Wound Healing in the Oral Mucosa in Chronic Graft versus

Host Disease - The Role of Oral Progenitor Cells”

09:20-09:30     -   Maya Ben Yehuda 

“A dual-acting nitric oxide donor/phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor promotes

wound healing in normal and diabetic mice”

09:30-09:40     -     Marcel Vlig    

“Systemic Inflammatory Response In Acute Burn Patients”

09:40-09:50     -     Bouke Boekema

Effective enzymatic debridement of burn wounds depends on the thermal damage

of collagen: an ex vivo burn wound experiment”   

09:50-10:00     -     Allison Cowin

“Elevated Flightless I delays M1 to M2 macrophage transition and resolution of

inflammation in an in vivo model of wound repair”

10:00-10:10     -     Louise Bundgaard

“Chronic skin ulcers – a study of the global tissue proteome and

protease cleavage products”

10:20-10:50   Tea/Coffee break

10:50-11:40     “Wound healing and inflammation  II”

Chair: Ulrich auf dem Keller

10:50-11:00     -      Benjamin Sanchez

“Impact of Human Dermal Microvascular Endothelial Cells on
primary dermal fibroblasts in response to inflammatory stress”

11:00-11:10     -     Vojtěch Pavlík

“Iodine generator reduces burden in biofilm-infected porcine wounds”

11:10-11:20     -     Olga Kurow

“Modulation of the survival of adipocytes after non-vascularized fat grafting:
The effect of topically application of Leptin”

11:20-11:30     -     Bouke Boekema

“Safety and efficacy of a new flexible cold atmospheric plasma device on

intact skin of healthy volunteers”

11:30-11:40     -     Hadrian Schepler

“Safety and efficacy of a new flexible cold atmospheric plasma device on
intact skin of healthy volunteers”

11:40-12:30   Plenary session 9 - “Wound Management/Healing”


11:40-11:50     -     Aziz Ghahary

“Challenges and Solutions for Treating Complicated Wounds:
Result of a Feasibility Human Pilot Study”

11:50-12.00     -     Elisabeth Hofmann

“Bacterial nanocellulose-based wound dressings provide
a clinically relevant cooling effect on burn injuries”

12:00-12:20     -     Alexandra Marques - EWMA Council

"Translation of tissue engineering research: future prospects for wound management"

12:20-13:30   Lunch break

13:30-15:10     Plenary session 10  -  “Scar treatment”

Chair: Ursula Mirastschijski

13:30-13:50     -     Ursula Mirastschijski: 

"Innovative therapies of chronic wounds: What’s in store for the future?"

13:50-14:10     -     Heinz Redl:

"Biophysical therapeutics approaches in the Austrian Cluster

for Tissue Regeneration".

14:10-14:20     -      Machteld van Erk

“A systematic review on animal models used in bone adhesive research”

14:20-14:30     -      Peter Moortgat

“A randomised placebo-controlled trial on the effects of shockwave-therapy
in scars older than six months”

14:30-14:40     -     Ulrich auf dem Keller

“Serine protease HtrA1 – a regulator of stress response and cell survival in
wound fibroblasts?”

14:40-14:50     -     Peter Moortgat

“Tension reducing taping as a mechanotherapy for hypertrophic burn scars:
Preliminary results from a pilot study”

14:50-15:20     Closing remarks and awards session



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